JOIN NOW by completing the Travelwyze Club membership form and enjoy the benefits.
Our Travelwyze Club has been designed to offer benefits to loyal passengers. Being a member of the Club means that you can earn points from journeys you take with us and these points accumulate towards free tickets.
Membership does not cost you anything, so join today and start earning points. Simply complete the application form and send it to us to register and we will forward your membership card which is exclusive to you. Alternatively visit an Autopax Sales Office and complete all the formalities while you wait.
How it works:
The Translux & City-to-City Travelwyze Club Membership entitles you to accumulate points based on the price of the ticket you purchase You can earn a free ticket to a certain value depending on the points you have in your member account. The free ticket can be used to travel to any Translux and City-to-City destination.
Points are accumulated as follows:
You purchase a ticket to this value To earn these points
 Each R100.00 spent 10
 Each R1.00 spent  0.1
The points you accumulate will then qualify you to receive a free ticket or a discount of the RAND VALUE after accumulating a minimal of 100 points.
  • 100 points translate to R100.00 (Travel Rands)
  • 300 points translate to R300.00 (Travel Rands)

Holders of Membership Cards will only accumulate points for their own tickets. Points will not be earned or allocated for tickets purchased for friends or family members.

When you book a ticket you must advise the Sales Consultant that you are a Travelwyze Club member and quote your membership number so that your account is credited with the correct number of points.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Your Travelwyze Club account will be established in your name and only you may accrue points. It will be the members responsibility to claim or redeem either your free ticket or travel discounts.
  2. You have to accumulate a sufficient number of points for you to be issued with a free ticket or receive a discount (only after 100 points).
  3. You may redeem your points at a Translux and City-to-City office only.
  4. Free/ discounted tickets are valid for uninterrupted single journeys only.
  5. Points earned may not be transferred from one member to another or to any other person. However if you have accumulated sufficient points through journeys undertaken by yourself you may book your free ticket or get a discount for friends or family members.
  6. Travelwyze Club passengers are subjected to the Translux and City-to-City Terms and Conditions of Carriage, which are available at Translux and City-to-City offices, on our tickets covers or click here to view.
  7. Lost, stolen or damaged cards can be replaced at a cost of R10.00 per card. Should you require any further information on this, please contact us on 0861 589 282.
  8. Positive identification is required when claiming a free or discounted ticket.
  9. You may not exchange your free ticket for cash.
  10. Translux and City-to-City reserve the right to change or terminate this programme without prior notice. This programme is designed for you to enjoy the benefits of travelling with Translux and City-to-City.
  11. Points earned on a specific date are only valid for a period of 18 months. Unused points accumulated up until the 18-month period will automatically be forfeited without notification to the member.
JOIN NOW by completing the Travelwyze Club membership form and enjoy the benefits.